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Immediate service.  If you need repairs today, expect them as early as today and as late as tomorrow.  No need to go with a service that will make you wait.

A free estimate.  Learn exactly what is the problem, what needs to be done, the quality of materials and at what price.   We do not leave our clients in the dark as to the status and procedures for their roof.  We believe in complete transparency.

Competitive prices.  Match our prices with other roofers and you will find them to be quality repairs at a great deal.  We have over 35 years experience in commercial and home repairs and can guarantee you great service.

Satisfaction guarantee.  If any follow-up problems occur, call us.  We will be there bright and early to fix anything missed the first time.  At no extra cost.  We are the original guarantee leak repair.

Protection.  Your property is protected with our liability insurance.  If any accidents arise, you are insured.

Timely service.  If you want it tomorrow at 10am, expect us tomorrow at 10am and no later.

Quality service that exceeds California building code requirements and permits.  Installation by 35 year licensed professionals with homes and commercial sector.

You do not get…

Nickle and dimed.  If you need only a repair, expect to only pay for a repair.  If you need an installation expect to be told you need an installation.

At S and W Roofing we are licensed professionals with on average over 35 years experience with homes and commercial sector.  Our standards exceed the California building code requirements.

With S and W Roofing, you can get repairs and installations for the following materials: shingles, concrete, bitumen, tile clay, metal, wood shingle roof, cement tile and rubber flat roof.  We are licensed contractors.

You are not our first residential customer.  We are licensed professionals with over 35 years experience with leak repairs, roof repairs, and roof installation on commercial places.  We have worked with the following: Dennys, Del Taco, El Torito, KFC, Taco Bell, Hometown Buffet (all 40 stores with electircal), 711, Apartments, shopping centers, Wells Fargo, Mcdonalds, Winchells Donuts.

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S and W Roofing is a dedicated full-service Commercial Roofing company, as well as Residential.

Top Five Principles we follow:

Provide Time efficient, Provide top of the line workmanship, Have Extensive Product install and Knowledge, Pay Attention to Detail, and Honesty!

With our suppliers, you’re ensured and 100% of the time to receive quality materials from top fortune 500 leading industry manufacturers. With only the best highest quality workmanship from our dedicated team that is trained and experienced.

Each employee in our Commercial roofing division has extensive knowledge of commercial roofing installation materials. Our workers know every aspect of roofing repair needs, such as roof leaks or any storm-related damages. We focus all the way down to the very smallest material of the installation process. We pay attention to details on your roof that will reduce and stop leak liability, extend your roof’s life expectancy. Our Commercial Roofing estimators have the experience and best product knowledge to offer you than any other company out there right now.

We are the best and most affordable roof system repair in Southern California.

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