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When you have a residential roofing problem call the right person to do your job! S and W Roofing is the true roof experts that can assist you with accurate repairs and services immediately. Whether you are installing a new roof or simply need repairs, our highly trained roofing contractors can provide the craftsmanship, experience, and knowledge to make sure the job is done right.



S and W Roofing is the professional roofing company that specializes in providing commercial roofing services to the building and facilities. We are experts at re-roofing facilities, preventive maintenance, and emergency repair services. Our experienced team members can get the job done quick, safe, and most importantly clean. Leaving your yard and roof completing spotless.


We are a full roof service company specialize to offer preliminary roofing inspection and written estimates. Our roof inspection services are helpful in determining any hidden roof damage to ensure the safety of your home and belongings. We will provide you a detailed assessment on the potential roof problem areas with its appropriate solution and estimates. We focus on every single detail to deliver top roof quality inspections. Let us take away your roof leak!


Roof leaks are no joke. Don’t let water creep inside your beautiful home, causing mold or other major problems. Bad leaks can cause the value of your house to lose value. The roof that keeps you safe from the disasters of several kinds should be well-protected and, no doubt, a proper company is needed to solve the problem after identifying the cause. We are the number 1 roof repairing company in Southern California providing quality repairs at affordable prices.

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