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“Do you know what to look for when hiring a roofing contractor? How to guarantee your roofing contractor does the right job and does not nickle and dime you?  I want to give you a checklist of things you should know when you hire your roofing contractor.  This checklist will save you thousands of dollars.  You will avoid common mistakes people make when getting roof repairs, leak repairs, installations.  You will get exactly what you want and need, a quality leak repair, roof repair or installation.  For your home, or for your business.

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Save thousands of dollars.  Know what to look for when hiring my roofing contractor
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At S and W Roofing we are licensed professionals with on average over 35 years experience with homes and commercial sectors.  Our standards exceed the California building code requirements.  To learn more see residential or commercial.

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Is your commercial business in need of a roof repair?  Do you have a leak or need a total repair and installation?  We give free estimates with  competitive quotes. We give repairs with many different materials, bitumen, clay etc.   We offer same day to next day service.  We have worked with over 40 commercial places including Denny’s Wells Fargo, apartments and more.  Our leak repairs are given with a satisfaction guarantee.  If we don’t fix it you don’t pay.


Is your home in need of a roof repair?  Do you have a leak or need a total repair installation?  We offer free and quick estimates, same-day to next-day service, competitive prices and  a detailed walk-through of what needs to be done with the householder.  We fix leaks, weather damaged roofs and do installation.


Would you like a total roof inspection to see the health of your roof.  Avoid thousands of dollars in an unnecessary installation when repairs will do.  We can assess the lifetime of your roof and evaluate other properties of it such as if it meets California energy code requirements, its safety and more.


See our work.  Photos of our installations and repairs.


Don’t entrust your most valuable asset to anyone.  Go with contractors with over 35 years experience in roof repairs, leak repairs and installations.  We have worked with over 60 commercial places including Dennys, Wells Fargo and Shopping Centers.  We provide roof repairs for other roofing contractors, and have worked with celebrity homes.  Our services exceed the California Building Code requirements.  We are the original guarantee for roof repairs.


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